Badger TORque Bumper (XR)

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Rear Bumper is specially designed to accommodate the expanded TORqueBox battery enclosure.

Same super durable and slippery material as Badger Bumpers.

Simple 6-screw design, installs from the bottom only. No need to remove your footpads!

Rear Bumper only. Includes required screws. No brackets in this design, due to the extended design.

Customer Reviews

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Easily lined up, yet to ride to see durability

Funfanch Francois
Good product and impressive service

Order this Torque bumper in order to go with my Torque box for my future battery with BMS. Was already using XR Bangs Bumper and satisfied by quality. Thanks Floatlife team, you should teach other companies what service customers ! Fast answer, good price, fast delivery,hand write message, goodies… makes me happy! Float on my friends !

Fits perfectly

Build quality and fitment is perfect. This bumper compliments the TORqueBOX enclosure, installation is a breeze. I recently upgraded my 4210 XR to a CBXR w/ the TORqueBOX enclosure, and this bumper is protecting the investment. Still have plenty of mileage to put on it, but she's already tail sliding nicely. Looking forward to where you guys take this next!