Tool Kit (Pint/ Pint X)

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All specialty tools required to disassemble your Pint for tire changes and waterproofing. (Phillips screwdriver not included).


T30 Torx Bit (For the Axle bolts) (Suggested to use with Drill)

T20 Torx Bit (For the Fender, Footpads, and Bumpers)

TP20S 5-point security bit (For the Controller and Battery lids)

3mm Hex Bit (For the handle)


Bit Holder

Tool Bag

Customer Reviews

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benjamin frisby
Good tool..

Thanks for rounding up all these tools for the Onewheel into one convenient package. More than grateful that there’s a readily available option like this. However, I thought the included free rolling papers and pack of crutches labeled mini paper airplane kit was quite tasteless and completely unnecessary. I see a lot of kids using this website and I also think that it is very irresponsible of this website to market 420 sales and send rolling papers to its clientele. I use medical cannabis and as a conservative pot smoker, this is so cliche to extreme sports athletes of the board styled sports. You’re attempting to turn your customers into walking stereotypes. How very Californian.

Oscar Picazo
sick tool and goodies love this community

sick lil tool love it and will be buying more off this website

Ashton Montesalvo

Tool Kit (Pint/ Pint X)

Great Kit, But Missing Small Bit for Pint X BMS Cover

Good kit, parts feel quality. Comes with everything you need to take apart a Pint X - except for the smaller Torx (?) bit for the BMS cover. Almost had to abandon my balancing wires repair, but luckily found a bit from another set that worked.
I guess "All specialty tools required to disassemble your Pint for tire changes and waterproofing" doesn't include BMS/balancing wires, but I probably should have confirmed that before ordering and starting my repair. Otherwise, great product, and seems to be perfect for pretty much any other work on the Pint X.

Sir Carves A. Lot
A must have tool kit

Love the tool kit. It keeps everything together. The length of the handle works well to loosen/tighten the T30 bolts on the shaft. However loosening/tightening the mag handle bolt, is slightly awkward. Can't blame the tool for this, though.