TFL x Bumpboxx Retro Pager Bluetooth Speaker

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For those who love that retro vibe, love music and want to jazz up their rides! The TFL x Bumpboxx Retro Pager Speaker is easy to transport, it clips on where you need and you can sync two together to jam with your pal or have that crispy stereo sound! 


A true Blast from the Past! Bumpboxx has taken an original mold of an old school pager and packed it with amazing sound and battery life! The Bumpboxx Retro Pager packs a huge punch! Clip it on anything. It's also a hands free device to answer your phone calls. Comes with a led light, aux in, tf slot FM Radio & Bluetooth. This unit is water resistant with an IPX6 rating. 7hr playtime and a stand by time of 21 days. Oh, and we almost forgot the best part! You can link 2 of them together for some dual bump action!

Customer Reviews

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Awesome speaker, Room for improvement

I love this thing and actually have 2 of them. I pretty much have 1 on me at all times.

Through my rigorous testing I have identified a few ways to make this thing the ultimate riding speaker (see below “pros”.

Let’s start with Pros:

*It’s loud enough to hear over wind noise

*It’s small and portable

*Decent battery life. I swap out with a fully charged one every 2-4 days

*It isn’t scared of water. My son dunked this thing in a cup of water and I have noticed no issues even months later

*It can also be a flashlight!

Areas to improve:

*Super annoying: under 30% you get a frequent and persistent “low battery” alert that interrupts your tunes and makes you sad

*The loud beep when you turn it on is kind of annoying. People look concerned in public places when I turn the speaker on and forget to cover it with my hand

*The only buttons are right where your hand naturally goes when pressing the clip from the other side. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying and I accuse rally change to FM Tender (whatever that is) more than I would like


Great product. Small and packs a punch. Love it

James Jenson
Kinda bummed

So its been 4 months and this thing sucks now. It worked good for about 2 weeks than slowly started taking a shit. Months later its constantly cutting out whenever im floating. If im standing still it somewhat works or if il holding it it doesnt really cut out. But as soon as its clipped to my backpack it works for 2 mins than its like listening to a skipping cd….i know its not tfl thats to blame, bumpbox just sucks and these lil c0(% suckers are pricey.

James Jenson
Bumpboxx review

Love this lil thing. Not extremely loud but loud enough. The loud beep when you turn it on is a lil…loud 😂 connects everytime, comes with a light and the clip is on point,superdurable. Thats the selling point,the clip, now i can attach my speaker to my hoodie or on my pocket and not worry about it. Price is a little steep but thats okay its from TFL so i know its worth it 🏆 So many bluetooth speakers dont have clips and its annoying to have to hold it(not with this one). Oh ya, kinda cool i can switch to the radio or put in a sd card and listen to my downloaded music.

Tyler Crotts
Sic speaker

I've only used it a couple times but I tell you what, it's loud as fack! Great quality too! I used ear buds before but couldn't hear anything but the music when onewheelin. Now everyone hears me coming and I hear my board and everyone else. Highly recommend!¡!