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Been wanting to try out the chair life without lugging around an entire beach chair set up? Introducing the first fully collapsible travel chair compatible with a one-wheeled electric board. Toss it in your backpack, car or suitcase and you're riding chair at any PEV event in the world! Go full transformer mode from chair riding to regular riding within a few seconds. It only takes about 30 seconds for assembly, riding, disassembly. Say goodbye to foot fatigue and enjoy the chill ride baby :)


  • Backpack/suitcase/travel friendly
  • 7075 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Fully collapsible into its own carrying bag! (the seat is the zipper bag)
  • Poles have inner elastic cord to keep chair in one piece
  • Preinstalled rubber padding on legs
  • Assemble & disassemble within 30 seconds
  • Phone/wallet/drink pouch
  • Free seat support straps (optional)
  • Stress tested to support a person weighing 220 lbs

The chair that won the 2023 Chair Race at the Wheelfunstuff event!

Confirmed to work with GT front concave footpad. However we advise using only flat, front sensor footpads.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very compact and quick to set up!

This chair was designed perfectly for onewheels. Looks great, feels great. I love it!

Aiden Pierce
So sketchy I love it

The maxx send travel chair while being a very comfy chair for sitting around the campfire with the boys also doubles as a great option for the onewheel chair or ‘wheelchair’ very fun to ride sitting down. It adds the perfect level of jankyness and dumb fun that I literally can’t stop! Feels like the first week of onewheeling all over again!