TFL Mini Mobile Airport Tray

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Need a place to whip up a mini paper airplane? Maybe a spot to put screws when you're working on your board? Or possibly even a place for your keys when you come home after a long day? This here Mini Mobile Airport has you covered!

Handmade by Onewheel rider, Kevin aka Solo Falcon Leather (@solofalcon_leather)

This is the ultimate tool for group rides whether you bring the goods or you fix the boards! You'll be the cool kid on the block for sure.


*100% Real Handmade Leather*

Customer Reviews

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Sweet landing!!

Great tray perfect for travel or a day out Floating, stoked on the swag and the quick delivery you guys rock thanks for the great gear !!

Strangest mini airport...

I don’t know what this contraption is made for because I suspect it’s not actually meant to be a mini-paper airplane airport. Everyone knows paper doesn’t slide well against leather. That’s just scientifical! That said, it does arrive looking as-advertised. I have only myself to blame for not reading the fine-print. I eagerly await the UHMW mini-paper airplane airport. My landings have been less than graceful and I could use the float-plate material to great advantage! Until I stop sucking... Maybe that’s the secret of the leather landing strip! Pros only 😎 🤯 I better get these dialed in... ps: please don’t gift these to children or dogs; unless your dog is hella dope.

Whip Up a Paper Plane

Very handy to keep all my hardware together when I work on my board.

Float tray

Love the way it looks , feels , and functions great like always