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*Pre-orders will be limited to (2) sets of B.A.N.G. Bumpers max per customer.


B.A.N.G. what does that stand for?

Bad Ass New Gear?

Buttery As Nipple Grease?

Baller Anti Nose Grinds?

We'll let you be the judge! Whatever you call them, the new BANG Bumpers are the next level in balance board technology. Compatible with the TFL Balance Board, these suckers are loaded with features to send your balance game into the stratosphere!  With inserts guaranteed to never spin and hand poured in the USA from Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene (aka the strongest and slickest plastic in existence), BANG Bumpers will outlast your Circle-F Wobble Cushion for sure 🤘

 *Note every B.A.N.G. Bumper is hand poured so no two will be exactly the same! All swirls will be unique.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

As noted by others, tolerance/fitment is just slightly off. It was really hard to get all the screws through the BANG and back into the threaded holes in the rails. Once completely reassembled there are small gaps. However, the bumpers add a really nice rigidity to the board & add noticeable ground clearance (from V3 plates.) Love the shape of the bottom, especially when stopping hard and dragging the tail- adds some additional control. Clearly well made & tough. Love that the screws are more deeply recessed (that’s what finally gave out on my V3’s.) Love TFL’s innovative Onewheel products. Next up for me: lifesavers (if ever back in stock) and grizzly bearings. BANGS were delivered really quickly despite being “pre-order.” Thanks TFL!!

Ben Bouch
Preorder? It came in four days!!!

Bacon? Avocados? NOTHING. Get these.

Best Mod

Just makes sense.

OneWheel Wanders
Sick Bang Bumpers

I love these things. I resorted to preordering because I kept missing the window for colors I wanted to get. They seem tough and I notice the increase in clearance they provide. They are also pretty damn slick and from what I understand they are even more slippery once they’re good and broken in. Huge improvements over stock although I DO miss my green float plates

Bang bumpers

SOLID amazing how much more sturdy my board feels after installation so much better than float plates stacked on crappy thin bumpers. 100% would buy again of I ever have the need