Pint X Starter Pack

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Just picked up a brand new board? Well get the essential basics on there to protect your board from day-1. Keep those rails fresh, components protected, and save some $$$ with the TFL Starter Pack


Float Plates - Red (front and rear set) - Pint X

Reflective Float Sidekicks HD - Cursive Float Black and White

Nug Hi - White

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Customer Reviews

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PintX starter pack is as dope as u can get for a pintXski

For the 5 minutes i rode it around for at walking speed (because i now have an 8" titanium plate on my left clav) it was way better than the stock rear foot pad! And the sidekicks are sweet and add some steezyness, the float plate got ripped off by my buddy who hit it just perfect enough to cleanly rip it off. I really want some dubs for it now but i read that my firmware is locked out from re-leveling, so that blows.. guess il just have to get a GT soon and Float life the f**k out of it with Dubs and all the cool stuff!