TFL x MODL Bottle (Move Bundle)

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 Flexible, durable, and an incredible drinking experience, MODL is designed with adventure in mind. The MODL bottle is an open-ended tool and the base of the MODL system.

MODL Bottle Features: 
Collapsible & durable silicone body that won't dent or scratch 

Mix-and-match functionality with MODs 

Easy cleaning with double-ended design

36oz (1.1L) capacity

Sustainable modular design with more uses than we can imagine

Climate Neutral Certified



1 MODL Bottle, 1 Go MOD, 2 Tiffany SuperLoops, 1 Tiffany LifeLoop

• Sling MOD - Keep your hands free - don't carry your water... Sling it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pretty Cool Bottle but not w/o flaws

I love the convenience of strapping the MODL to my back or a backpack and using the FLOW Mod. It has been awesome to stay even more hydrated when I ride. I find it unfortunate that no matter how many times or how thoroughly I clean the MODL with vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda, (Im on my third time) it still retains a plastic taste. This is especially while using the FLOW mod and on a warmer day.

Overall I really enjoy this bottle and hope MODL improves the issues of water leaking through the valve, bad taste and no insulation. I would recommend if you are looking for ultimate hydration portability with just a few trade offs.

Christian Castro
Dopest dopness 👏🏽👌🏽

I love all my products from you guys!

Alex F
love this color way on the modl

I already had the tie dye. Use for backpacking. Shower mod is great for washing things. This one is rad too with the strap.

Shreddy Shaddow
Thankful for the extra top piece🤘

Somehow broke the plastic clip on the go mod while out on a ride. Was no problem tho cuz when I got home all I had to do was screw on the replacement piece and add more water 💦 🤙
Love the bottle and will have for many years💯

Jesse Bear
Summer life saver!

Bottle helped out so much this summer on east coast. Really enjoy using this every time I ride.