V2 Half & Half Axle Blocks (Lower Kit) GT COMPATIBLE

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This is V2 version where the axle notch cutout has been fixed and extra space added for smoother motor cable routing. Keep in mind a small percentage of the GT motor cables are extra short and create too much tension. If you have one of these, feel free to return your kit. 

The rent is too damn high! And the GT is a touch tippy. So we lowered it by half an inch to get that smooth stability back. 

Stepping on a lowered GT feels a lot more like an XR. Like a fast XR. Lowering improves stability because the board is less top heavy and your center of gravity is lower.

The clearance is reduced so if you live in SF, ride around in pushback, or scrape your bumpers a lot on a stock GT this may not be for you. 

But for those who do not mind the reduced clearance, this mod gets you stability at a fraction of the cost of W-shaped rails.

These axle blocks replace the GT stock axle blocks and are not compatible with mag handle. Most full fenders will not work (half fenders and fender deletes should be fine).

Install Instructions:

Customer Reviews

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Love the ride, not the taking the board apart all the time

Unfortunately I cannot mount this snugly enough with the provided hardware to avoid rattles and tire shifting after a ride. I love the lower ride height but I can't take the board apart every other ride to make sure everything is tight. Sorry guys, might be something to improve on in the future.

Blocks are dope. Bolts are not dope. Might be too low.

The blocks are awesome.

The included bolts are fully threaded and do not fit snuggly in the GT rail holes.

After a few miles, I concluded these weren’t for me, and went back to OEM.

I’m keeping them though; they’re neat, and proper mounting hardware would make them darn near perfect.

V2 half and half

Different board. Feels way different and good. It's just braking hard is scary because of the clearance. Easy to install, no install instructions included.

Eric Eichinger
Different Animal

Just installed them, the board is more stable & overall more comfortable.

Mike burgess
Confidence booster!

A half inch makes all the difference! (At least thats what your mom said....)