Badger Controller Gasket (GT/GT-S)

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This TPE Controller gasket is a beautiful replacement for the stock gasket. After months of research, Badgerwheel has taken state of the art to the next level with a gasket that actually works. Gone are the days of swollen gaskets that can’t be re-assembled, or pinched gaskets that don’t seal. This one is badger tested and approved. No grease or silicone is needed to keep it in place.

Customer Reviews

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erick mei
Badger controller gasket

It works amazingly! I rode my one wheel through some deep water, maybe 2 - 3in deep and although water got inside the footpads and around the controller, the inside stayed nice and dry. Thank you TFL!!

Luis Blanco

Badger controller gasket for gt fits perfectly doesn't stretch like the original gasket badger gasket makes a great seal . Thank you

Justin Black-Walker
Stoked on the Badger kit!

I dropped off my board with my mechanic a couple of days ago. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm picking up my now waterproofed OW today. I live in Seattle so waterproofing is key

Robert Wyckof
Super easy and recommend doing it!

Easy instructions on YouTube and didn’t take long at all. If you do it, I recommend getting the gasket for the controller as well. The factory one I had was horrible, but the float life one is amazing.

Perfect fit, looks great too!

I purchased this in case my stock gasket was messed up when I went to install the SureStart Pro. The stock gasket was fine, but I installed this one anyway. It was a perfect fit, and the seal didn't require extra grease like the stock gasket too. Would def recommend to anyone with a GT that is going to open their controller box!