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Fun-Slinger Bev Holster

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These wonderfully crafted beverage holsters are fashionable, functional and handmade by one of our fellow Onewheelers, Kevin! (@solofalcon_leather)

*Patented Party Pouch Technology*

Customer Reviews

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Robben Sanguinet
This thing is dope

Great for throwing in an extra road beer. Also holds 2 of the weed containers from the dispensary, bonus 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙 I would add a "doob tube" holder instead of the roach clip

Nicole Wahlberg

This is a phenomenal product! Kevin did a killer job making these. They make a fabulous gift for a new onewheeler!

Game changer

Hands free with your beverage getting you float in with some beautiful leather work. What’s not to love? Great for fishing too. You’re paying for quality rawhide.

Luke C
Of all TFL products I’ve bought and loved, this ones not a pass.

In pictures and on paper this looks amazing, the reality is that button snap is going to pop out ALL the time, dumping your bottle or can all over the sidewalk, street or trail. Which sucks because I want to like it and rock this thing all the time but you look like an absolute tool by the third or fourth time this thing drops right of your belt. Your other Onewheel friends that loved your holder when you showed them are soon happy that you took the hit on the purchase so they don’t have to. I get it’s hand made and the leather work is exceptional, and the included paper airplanes and landing clip are great. But it needs to stay on your belt securely or it’s just going to get run over in the street while your waiting for a break in traffic to go fetch it. Sooo I guess please make a bombproof way to secure this too your belt because the only slinging going on is this holder to the ground, over and over. Float on boys!

Eric Spain
Best accessory for a Good Time!

High quality, kevin's a great artist and this is a dope product