*BLEM* Float Plates Pint X Compatible

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Float Plates – Pint X Compatible


Single Float Plate:

  • Includes: a single Float Plate which is compatible for the front and/or back bumper and instructions for installation

Set of Float Plates:

  • Includes: two Float Plates and instructions for installation


What are Float Plates?

  • Protect your investment. The stock plastic battery and controller compartments are weak and prone to breakage. Float Plates are engineered for over 3,000 PSI of impact!
  • Expand your bag of tricks. No need to wax that curb, as the Float Plates are self-lubricating. Slides, stalls, and drops all damn day!
  • These float plates have sizes to fit the Pint X model.
  • Reduces friction on nosedives. Also great for nose and tail slides. Let's see what you can do!

Are Onewheel float plates necessary?

Yes, you need Onewheel Float Plates if you want to preserve your Onewheel Pint X. Without a Onewheel Float Plate, you're likely to damage or break that soft underbelly. The Onewheel Float Plate is designed to protect that underside and preserve your investment.

Want to Learn More About Onewheel Accessories?

Check out the Float Life's Onewheel Accessories guide!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
chris lopez
Good but room for improvement imo

They stay super firm and snug on the board if you let it cure for about an entire day.. but i do wish the float plates for pint/pint x were bolt on l... Or hear me out .. pint x bang bumpers to get rid of the stock FM bumps and have the skidd plates built in...

Works Great

Installed without issue. Made sure my board was clean, and kept some C-clamps on overnight. Love these float plates!

Zander Brandt
Sweet deal!

The float plates had a few tiny brown/dirt specs (literally crumb sized) embedded into the HDPE. These will get significantly more scratched and permanently dirty on your first trail ride alone than this pre existing "blem". The blems are a steal!

Skyler Wilson
adhesive problems

I love the product and let the adhesive really sink in for over 24 hours but I hit one little pothole and the plate came right off. Wish there was a way to screw it on. I'd recommend going to Walmart and getting some strong double-sided tape.

good product, bad adhesive

the actual float plate is great. it protects the battery compartment from damage (i only got a back one as i have fangs on the front) and slides real nice. my issue is that i had my plate on for no more than a week and the adhesive completely failed, causing me to lose the plate somewhere in my city. im sure the guys at float went through all the best mounting methods, but even still it feels like adhesive is just not it here. i'll see about getting it replaced but for now im out $25 :(