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Circle-F Wobble Cushion

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More cushion for the pushin'... I mean... balancing.


Includes both wobble cushion and pump.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Irwin
improve your balance and warm up sessions

Great product for improving balance, and absolutely necessary for warming up. Shipped fast and had lots of extra stuff (stickers, air freshener, rolling papers, koozie) It is made in China though which I do not like.

Balance? For sure. Back stretch? No doubt. Pillow?

This thing is amazing for balance. I’ve used it for a back stretch and a pillow in a pinch as well. Can’t go wrong! Heck, I picked up 2 at this price!

Slow start, good finish

I needed some help to blow up the cushion because the supplied pumps don't provide enough air and the first air is difficult to provide. But squeezing the cushion did the trick and my bicycle pump finished well. Tfl replied quickly to my questions about filling the cushions.
I'm glad I got two cushions to practice balancing with. For me a big trick was learning to look into the distance instead of at my feet.

Kris Ritchie
It Got here Fast and Works great

Hell Best sleep iv got in years. Just throw a pillow case on it and float off to sleep LOL.
No really this Wobble cushion is awesome. It’s Wobbly enough and Really tough, Thank You. The float life team is Fantastic. Oh yeah thx for the stickers.

Pump it up!

So I bought the balance board hardware kit and put together my blemish set of Growler rails, FM rear footpads, bumpers and a set of float plates. Now I can practice when it’s rainy in the northwest. Incredible workout!