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*Maximum (2) Trail Pro tires per order. Don't be a dick and buy them all just to re-sell.

This is the next generation of the tire that won both FloatLife Fest 2 and FloatLife Fest 3.

The Trail Pro is the new and improved version of the Burris 11 x 6.0-6 TX-33 treaded tire which is know in the OW community to be the best off-road tire available.

The new Trail Pro offers more stability than its predecessor with a new custom hybrid rubber compound which is soft enough to soak up all the small bumps and uneven terrain, yet firm enough to hold a heavy edge when you need it most! The new compound also greatly reduces the road noise and buzz that was prevalent with the original TX-33. This is the quietest on-road treaded tire available for the Onewheel XR.

The sidewalls have also been modified to make them more durable than previous versions so you get more miles per tire, making this the ultimate off-road Onewheel tire available.

Carve faster, climb higher, and shred harder than ever before with the Burris x TFL Trail Pro!

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Customer Reviews

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Dean McNevin
Favorite tire

Out of all the tires I've rode on.. This tire is by far my favorite for 50/50 use. My first one is still going strong and has 2,900 miles on it currently and is in GREAT condition. My buddy is the same and has over 2,500 miles on his. Highly recommend if you can get your hands on one (;

The Answer

This tire is a necessity, especially if you love riding trails in delirium. The traction is unreal and the profile promotes carving. If you’ve ridden a pint and wished you could have that same carvy flow on your XR, this tire is the answer. It hauls on street too. It’s the only type of tire I’m ever going to have on my onewheel. I live for trail riding. But it’s also enhanced my morning commute exponentially. They sell out immediately for a reason. As usual, well done TFL!

Christian Koeppel
The long waiting was worth it!

I waited 5 weeks because of the lag way from California to Austria (Europe), but what can i say! The waiting was worth it!
Riding with this tire is like day and night from the stock Vega tire!!
5 stars with no regrets!!

Joe Angel
Love the tire

Will this ever be in stock again? Such a shame, its an awesome tire but also a unicorn.

No name
I like em BBW (Badass Bitchin Wheel)

I left that flat, difficult, hard to manage one behind. She fought me at every turn, she was always on edge, and frankly, I was tired of her lackluster performance. This new one is soft, round, and buttery. She never fights, just goes with the flow. Her sexy curves keep me locked in and her grip let's me ride the edge. She's a quiet lady on the streets, but likes it rough on the trails!
Note: not for beginners. Learn on the Vega, float to nirvana on the Trail Pro.