TFL x Burris Trail Pro Treaded Tire

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*Maximum (2) Trail Pro tires per order. Don't be a dick and buy them all just to re-sell.

This is the next generation of the tire that won both FloatLife Fest 2 and FloatLife Fest 3.

The Trail Pro is the new and improved version of the Burris 11 x 6.0-6 TX-33 treaded tire which is know in the OW community to be the best off-road tire available.

The new Trail Pro offers more stability than its predecessor with a new custom hybrid rubber compound which is soft enough to soak up all the small bumps and uneven terrain, yet firm enough to hold a heavy edge when you need it most! The new compound also greatly reduces the road noise and buzz that was prevalent with the original TX-33. This is the quietest on-road treaded tire available for the Onewheel XR.

The sidewalls have also been modified to make them more durable than previous versions so you get more miles per tire, making this the ultimate off-road Onewheel tire available.

Carve faster, climb higher, and shred harder than ever before with the Burris x TFL Trail Pro!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Great tire!

One of the best upgrades to the XR! Very smooth and surprisingly quiet on pavement and very stable and great traction off road.

Best all around tire. Period.

My favorite all around tire for trail and street. Easy to carve and provides plenty of traction for off road.

Rock Solid Marshmallow

I got lucky and managed to nab one on the last restock after missing the last 3. Having ridden primarily a Whisper, this thing is an absolute joy to ride. It's very slightly less nimble than the Whisper on pavement, loses about 20% of max range (max distance on the Whisper was about 20 miles), and has slightly less torque, but it feels better in every other possible way. The extra torque of the Whisper can be a bit of a problem at times of technical aggressive riding too, since a wheel slip on a bit of gravel can buck you pretty easily. This tire is so firmly attached to the road that it just never happens. It really seems to like lower psi ranges too (12-13 trail, 15-16 road @ 155lbs), which make the ride feel very cushy, but without making it any less tight. I can throw this thing in deep on pavement without any issue, even at 10 psi lower than I ran the Whisper. No speed wobbles to speak of at top speed and the vibration from the tread helps give you a bit better ground feel through your board. Off road and hill climbing it is absolutely phenomenal. What used to feel barely in control on the Whisper off road now just feels like a bumpy sidewalk. This really is the ultimate tire. Even if I rode 100% pavement I'd still prefer this for the quality of life. For those that haven't managed to get one, keep trying, it is worth it.

Do yourself a favor and don't try to run this at higher psi ranges though. Anything near or above 20 @ 155lbs for reference adds a very noticeable whippy feeling to carving on pavement, making turns pretty unpredictable. I imagine it is from the sidewall not deforming at higher psi, creating more of an "edge". The carving is so smooth at lower psi anyway that I'm not sure why anyone would want to run it higher.

Jan V.
Smooth and stable!

Finally installed mine, had them for over a month now and have been beating it on trails. Coming from T2 this is a lot more stable and quieter. Carvability-wise it is a lot mellow and transitions smoothly. And without a doubt this tire is more durable and will definitely last longer! Don't think just get it when you have the chance!

Tim Walding
TFL x Burris Trail Pro Treaded Tire

The best all around tire for the one wheel xr. And I just want to say the float life is wonderful to deal with.