5 Panel Float

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You want 'em, we got 'em!! Hats galore! So many fun color options it's hard to pick just one! Stay stylin' and stay shaded with the 5 Panel Float hat!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jesse Bear
Looking Fresh!!

The hat along with my float T-shirt makes people know that I represent the float life.

nate ure
Five panel float hat

Really dig the way it looks under a helmet or just out in the wild

Christopher Perkins
5 Panel Hats!

I absolutely love these hats!! So much that i ordered the red, yellow and black ones. Super light and aerodynamic when I Float!!!

Mark Parmesan
Best hat around

At first I thought it was a normal hat. But once I put it on I was possessed by the float life crew and was able to do nose slides and 5 ft 180 drops. It won’t come off my head. I’ve tried using stay a float as lubricant to get it off but it just made the bond even stronger and now the air vent holes are sealed up. I warn you to not get this hat if you want to stay average. FOMF!