XtraRad TFL x Burris Pint Tire

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The XtraRad is what the Pint™ tire was supposed to be.


We partnered with Burris to create the hands down smoothest riding, stable, and zippy tire in the game! Our goal was to build a tire that made the Pint™ ride like a super carvey and nimble XR™ where you could carve deep into turns and grip asphalt without worrying about speed wobbles; while still maintaining that ultra nimble style the Pint™ is known for!

This is how a Pint™ was meant to handle.

P.S. You can also run this tire on any model Onewheel™ if you want, but it was designed for the Pint.


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Customer Reviews

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Eleanor Schlechter
BEST Pint Tire Ever

This tire makes the perfect marriage between the pint and the XR feel. You still have the pint nimbleness, with a little more comfort/stability like the XR. I have had this tire for a while now and wouldn’t look for anything else. Just bought the pint X and NEED this tire for my new board. Hopefully it is back in stock soon.


I heard if you leave a 5 star review Jeff will come out to your city and teach you how to bonk

David Lowrie
Xtrarad tire review

Bro. I just rode my buddy's growler with a stock pint tire today and it was garbage.

I've been on the Xtrarad for 2.5 weeks and the difference the softer compound makes is palpable. It really soaks up so much more of the small bump chatter over the stock tire. The stock tire is so stiff that it creates this crazy wobble when carving sometimes and I really noticed that today on my buddy's board.

Super stoked on the tire. You should buy it when they come back in stock. Really though. Don't sleep on the drop.

Jan Philip Chavit

XtraRad TFL x Burris Pint Tire

Wheel Fun Stuff
The Dopest Dope I've ever Float

Hands down the best all around tire I've tried. I have one on my pint and have one on my growler! Super solid, Super carvy. I even bought an extra one because It is my favorite tire.