TFL Grizzly Bearings (ABEC 7)

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Bearings are sold as a set. (2) bearings per set.

"We put our wheels through hell. Finding a OW bearing that was tough enough to handle Tahoe trails, super buttery for those Friday night city Floats, and also didn't break the bank, was damn near impossible.  So we said F- it, if we can't find them, let's just build our own!  TFL Grizzly Bearings are the result of nearly a year of prototyping and we are stoked to finally get to share them with the community. I'm so confident that TFL Grizzly Bearings are the toughest OW bearings out there, that we offer a 1,000 mile or 6 month full replacement warranty" -Jeff (TFL Founder)

TFL Grizzly Bearings Feature:

👍 ABEC 7 rated keep that tolerance tight and eliminates harsh axial play which can kill bearings

👍 15-ball 440c stainless steel OR si3n4 ceramic construction make for a most buttery float

👍 440C stainless inner and outer races make TFL Grzzly Bearings tough as nails and keep rust away

👍 Molded rubber lip full-contact seals in Sapphire Blue, keep out dirt and debris for the longest lasting bearing on the market. Oh, and they look damn good too!

👍 Mobil Polyrex EM Grease packed in there for extra prolonged life

👍 Laser etched "Float" logo on the outer races for that low-key swag

👍 1,000 mile / 6-month full replacement warranty. If your bearings fail for any reason within the warranty period* send them back to us and we'll send you a replacement set for free. Just pay for shipping. (warranty period is 6 months from original date of purchase or 1,000 miles ridden on bearings, whichever comes first)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Ron Lendon
Quiet Bearings

I just replaced the ABE5 bearings with ABEC7 and now I can sneak up on people and critters. The old bearings were beginning to growl. Hope these last longer.

Ryan Clapp
Ceramic Grizzly bearings

Super quick delivery, and quality materials as usual 😎🤙🔥

Todd Harder
Grizzly Bearings

What an unbelievable difference. These are by far the best upgrade I have done to my XR plus. So smooth and buttery. Thanks guys for a great product as always. Definitely recommend these bearings who are looking for the best out there. Plus they are guaranteed under a warranty which is another reason to get these awesome bearings.

Nick Rivas
Super Buttery!

I purchased a pre-owned beater XR 4210 with well over 1,000 miles on it by the previous owner. Board needed a little bit of TLC. Slapped these puppies on and she’s like a brand new! 😍🏂💨 I also purchased a FF Hoosier Whisper street 6’ so I had to cop the Stay-A-Float tire sealant! Jeff’s tutorial’s on YouTube are super helpful by the way on getting this all done myself! **HUGE FYI BEFORE YOU PURCHASE THESE** You will need a 3 ton arbor press to get the bearings IN. Soft wood and mallet gets old bearings out with ease but you will need a press to get them in.


These are great a lot smoother and much more quiet super top notch