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The debate between tread vs. slick is over. The perfect blend of stability, grip, and carvability all in one package is here with the TFL Enduro Tire.

We spent over a year and countless prototypes to build the perfect hybrid tire. We took everything the community has learned over the last 6 years about what makes the ideal tire, and put it into the Enduro.

-A custom durometer creates a dampened ride which significantly reduces off-road chatter and road noise.

-A proprietary directional tread design with siping patches makes for the quietest treaded ride on the street, while a full wrap sidewall tread pattern boosts off-road edge hold and grip while charging through turns.

-Progressive sidewall durometer and shoulder shaping create the largest possible edge contact patch while digging deep into carves for unparalleled edge hold and greatly reduced speed wobbles.

Compound Choice:
Soft compound will feel smoother, forgiving, and more buttery underfoot. However, due to it being a soft compound it will not last as long and tends to wear out quicker. 

Mid compound will increase the longevity of the tire, extending the period of time between tire changes. However, it will not be as forgiving underfoot and will have a more noticeable "edge" when carving. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews
Mat Jackson
Fixed my Wobbly GT

After reading many reviews I pulled the trigger on updating my GT from the stock bumpy wobbly treaded tire to the smoothest tire ever! It feels like butter under my feet. I reach top speed with zero wobbles. This tire definitely changed the unsafe feeling I had. Thank you 🙏

Sean Alstott
Gt Enduro Tire & Street Tire

Both tires are absolutely amazing. Floating beat up streets like they are newly paved.

Sammy H.
So Nimble!

Coming from stock treaded this is a must have upgrade to your GT! Gave it the ride style of my pint and I feel like am floating ever so slightly on the clouds.

Had the chance to ride the performance tire as well. Comparing them together, Enduro wins as the performance tire has a wider foot print. My preference is carve over speed but both feel soft compared to the OG stock tires.

You won’t regret the upgrade and honestly I should have done it sooner. Stop reading reviews and buy one now!

My GT actually turns now...

I started onewheeling on a pintX, and was bummed with my stock GT and its ability to turn and carve at first. This tire makes a huge difference!

Chris Ellett
The OG Hybrid!!!

Seems like everyone is trying to make a hybrid tire, but they are all Enduro rip offs. I will continue riding the original and best tire 👌 in my opinion!!!