TFL x DHM Bearings (ABEC-5)

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Bearings are sold as a set. (2) bearings per set.

“They’re Basically Bones Swiss, but for your Onewheel”

DHM and The Float Life set out to make the fastest, smoothest running, longest lasting Onewheel™ bearings at an affordable cost. Stock bearings are at best ABEC-1. Even NSK and expensive SFK which run nearly $300 for the set are ABEC-3. Float Life Ceramics are ABEC-5 with 440C stainless races running silicone nitride ceramic balls (si3n4) that are hand packed with Mobil Polyrex EM grease and sealed with nylon cages to keep debris out. All this goodness comes together to make The Float Life Ceramics the only bearings you’ll ever want in your Onewheel™ ever again!


More Information:

DHM ceramic bearings that have been offered for our minimoto race bikes have been hugely successful over the past few years. Now your Onewheel can run the same bearings. 

We chose 440C stainless as the bearing race to resist corrosion and rust from the everyday elements. The dual seals are contact seals to make sure any unwanted debris stays out of the bearing. Each bearing contains silicone nitride ceramic balls (si3n4) with nylon cages. We lubricate each bearing with Mobil Polyrex EM grease prior to shipping. 

Ceramic is harder than steel, and therefore reduces rolling resistance and also prolongs life compared to standard steel bearings. Ceramic hybrids also run at cooler temperatures than steel bearings. A properly manufactured hybrid ceramic is better than a steel bearing in every way (except for cost). Hybrid ceramics have been used in extreme conditions for wheel bearings in applications such as motorcycles, go-karts, and bicycles (including suspension-less BMX bikes that take serious hits).


Reduced rolling resistance mainly results from the ceramic balls having increased smoothness, dimensional stability, and increased uniformity over their steel ball bearing counterparts. These properties ensure that the applied loads are more evenly distributed over all of the rolling elements. Additionally, ceramic materials have a much lower coefficient of friction (~20–30 times less) than steel ball bearings with standard seals and lubrication. This reduced friction results in less rolling resistance and faster rotational speeds.

Ceramic bearings are also harder than steel bearings and are therefore more durable. Studies have shown that ceramic hybrid bearings can last anywhere from 5 to 20 times longer. The smoother surface of the ceramic balls also significantly reduce the risk of bearing seizure with little to no lubrication. An additional benefit is their ability to operate in harsh environments due to corrosion resistance. Finally, their electrical insulation properties eliminate the risk of electrical erosion and pitting of the rolling elements.

Customer Reviews

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Best maintenance purchase.

I bought these in hopes that it would solve a problem I had. I've owned my board for a year and a half and I noticed I was having trouble just getting 6 miles on a charge. Also my motor temperature was also higher than it should be for the ambient air temps. I thought my battery was shot and on its way out. So I decided to buy these bearings as the last thing to replace before getting a new battery. Now that I've had a week on these new bearings I can honestly say they solved most of the issues I was having with my board. Since installation my mileage is up about a whole mile per charge riding on pavement and over a half mile on trails. My motor temperature has been way lower and I actually regenerating better down hills. Way more responsive board now. These bearings are a game changer.

Dhm-TFL bearings.

Noticed immediately how smooth these bearings are on first ride with them installed. Install was pretty easy. I don’t have an Arbor press. I used a Drill press, to press in and out the bearings. Lmao. Hey it worked. Note: Before doing a bearing change, get yourself a set off new orings for the shafts. Both sides was ripped on mines. Hopefully in the future an oring set will come with ever bearing purchase. 😉

Super smooth!

I installed these bearings along with the Burris trail pro tire. I’ve only put a few miles on my onewheel since but their is definitely a huge difference. I can’t wait to really go hard on some trails.I installed the bearings without an arbor press(I used a $40 harbor freight bearing press and a hammer….take your time). There’s a few good youtube videos to help you through the process. Their is clearly a huge difference in these bearings over stock. I looked up the stock bearings after I yanked them and realized they’re 12 bucks. These are way better. If you’re changing a tire I'd definitely recommend doing these bearings while you’re already in there.

Definitely a nice reset

Jiggly wiggly buttery butts

The bearings were deffective and were quickly replaced by DHM

***** UPDATED *****
The bearings I originally received and installed probably suffered from some manufacturing issue. Once I reached out, TFL and DHM responded quickly and shipped me a new pair of bearings.

I finally had the bearings professionally installed on March 21st. I had about 2300 miles on my board then. No issues with the original bearings but since I was replacing a tire, I figured it's a good time to this as well.
Today, 3 weeks and about 100 miles into the TFLxDHM bearings, I'm buying new bearings because the DHM ones I got from you guys are already making noises..