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Is your life falling apart because you were riding your Onewheel in the house then slipped and shot your board through the wall which caused a big fight with your wife that escalated to a whole other level then and after like 3 hours of yelling she revealed that shes been secretly sleeping with your younger hotter brother Todd (who has a 6-pack because he does Crossfit) for years because ever since you got your Onewheel and haven't been giving her the attention she deserves since you're always out of the house riding your Onewheel? Well the TFL Balance Board is here to save your marriage! You can now still get your shred fix and max that balance ability to 11 while staying at home! Thanks TFL!

...and screw you Todd.



B.A.N.G. Bumpers - $99

Homebrew Rails - Standard: $299

(2) Kush Lo Black - $198

Balance Board Hardware Kit - $69

Circle-F Wobble Cushion & Pump - $19

Total Parts Value: $684


Customer Reviews

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Finding Balance In life

Beautiful craftsmanship and well worth the $$. Never owned a balance board but I hopped on for about an hour then went to grab some lunch on the XR and wow it felt as if I didn't have to balance at all not even at a complete stop. Translates way better then I even thought it would. Another great product for TFL

Balanced AF

First time I got on the balance board, I could feel things begin to shift. After a few minutes of indoor shredding, I got off, and that's when I noticed.....
My house was clean! Shocked, I walked to my fridge, only to see that the stack of bills I had under the magnet, were placed in the "paid" stack. Even my wife came back after the trip to get smokes that she left on 3 years prior. Just then my phone rang, and my boss wanted to congratulate me on my promotion at work.
All in all, I'd say this thing will help you balance more than you can imagine.

TFL + Learning with Leary + Balance Board = EPIC!!!!

Brilliant item, love it. Great for practising balance while working using a standing desk. Also great for practising riding switch, leg strength and ankle flexibility. The Float Life Team are amazing thank you for your hard work and awesome community you are helping build! Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their riding skills, strength and balance. Float on friends!

Balance Board

This balance board is amazing, it really helps me be a safer rider and be more prepared for a nosedive. I have been using it for about a week now and my reaction time has got a lot quicker. The Float Life has really done it again folks. The fit and finish of all the materials chosen really makes me feel like Im on my Onewheel, the double concave makes me feel like I have bindings on and way more locked in. All in all a great product. Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their riding skills.


Great way to practice during those times when you cannot go float and introduce the onewheel to new people who never float before.