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Plastic bags are whack and just end up in the ocean. This radical re-usable tote will help you haul those groceries and save the planet at the same time.

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Mike burgess
great bag!

Love it. Nice quality reusable bag. My only complaint is that now i need to order about 4 more....

Slick Icarus
Its a good bag

Its a great bag, it can carry 2 gallons of milk at least a mile

It is hard to read the small print, I also had to watch the Scott Mendenhall livestream with Bodhi to read it.
It would be an easy 5/5 for me but even knowing the words I can barley read it.
tho remember next to no one was gonna read your bag anyway so its still good if you want it
I still enjoy what the bag says 4/5


Like it a lot, only one downside, very hard to read that funny warning label, if anyone seeing this wonders what it is... "WARNING: FLOATING IS VERY ADDICTIVE. IGNORING THE WARNING SIGNS MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INCREASE TO STOKE LEVELS, SUDDEN EUPHORIA, AND EVEN GETTING ASS (ALWAYS SMILING SYNDROME)."

Only was able to piece the full quote together and realize "IGNORING" was the word it was because Bodhi read it in a livestream with Scott Mendenhall but again, lovin the tote, but very hard to read the warning joke, so normally would 5/5 everything but this little downside haveta be honest and say 4, sorry dudes (though again, love this thing, hell of a joke XD)