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Do your paper airplanes run out of gas and need a refueling? Refine that fuel and fill back up mid-flight with the TFL Gas Station!

Here are a couple of the key features of the TFL Gas Station:

-Ultra high grade aircraft grade CNC aluminum

-Nano ceramic non-stick coating

-Pollen scraper, brush, and glass "refuling tip" included

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ed Oliver
Awesome source of fuel

The way it gets the fuel ready for the planes makes it an invaluable aid in the floating process. Hope TFL gets other colors and finishes as well.
Float on!

Dan B.
Not your grampa’s gas station

Top quality; better than Cumberland Farms! Prone to burning through lots of fuel!
Wait... What was the question?
FOMF ; )

Best gas station

TFL super shredder doesn’t disappoint. Great product, mag top is great, love everything y’all do. Thank you 🙏🏾

David Hilal
Gas station - refueling regularly ;)

Simply the best grinder I’ve ever owned. Not a grinder expert, but this is the one, as far as I’m concerned :) Thank you and your team for everything you do <3 cheers!

Silly Willy

So much keef got me feelin like a wreath after the holidaze, pine needles fallin on the ground making that pluckerin sound, pull em out so easy like a ripe pineapple’s crown, Real G’s smoke Buddha yo!