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 Flexible, durable, and an incredible drinking experience, MODL is designed with adventure in mind. The MODL bottle is an open-ended tool and the base of the MODL system.

MODL Bottle Features: 
Collapsible & durable silicone body that won't dent or scratch 

Mix-and-match functionality with MODs 

Easy cleaning with double-ended design

36oz (1.1L) capacity

Sustainable modular design with more uses than we can imagine

Climate Neutral Certified



1 MODL Bottle, 1 Go MOD, 2 Tiffany SuperLoops, 1 Tiffany LifeLoop

• Sling MOD - Keep your hands free - don't carry your water... Sling it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Justin Lien
Great way to keep hydrated!!

Steezy bottle that's super functional and over all fun. Great for floating around, going on trails, taking to work, or when you're tossing one of those "jumbo jets" back and forth with some friends!! I've had no leaking issues at all and am pretty stoked on it. I highly recommend!!

Vin C
Great Water Container

I'd say this is a great way to move water. It's nice and soft, easy to clean (no prob with any smells after first washing), you can squeeze it to drink faster and not suck, it's unique and I like it. There's a couple things I wish were different, and that pertains to leaking; in which water gets trapped in the threads and needs to evacuate, it also seems to leak from the breather hole when that top is outfitted, the cap for the nipple that you drink from doesn't seem to have a mechanism or leash to keep it with the bottle. But all in all, I think it's nice. I will say, I think I prefer it for transporting water, filling my daughters bottle, rinsing and filling smaller containers... it's a bit of a monster, and I think there's a few things that make it harder to drink from.

Ed Oliver
Best bottle with the best image

I saw this bottle a while ago when it went on Kickstarter and sadly passed at the time; now I am living in a different country where going out without a water bottle is not feasible, and TFL offered this beauty.
It is remarkably light with incredible functionality. If TFL had offered more tiers, I would have bought them immediately.
Also, there was an issue with my first delivery, and as usual, TFL went the last mile and replaced all.
I am a happy floater.

Chad Pumphrey
All you need on your ride

I don't carry a bag anymore... This bottle IS my riding bag! I'm minimalistic when I ride (don't want phone, keys, etc in my pockets and only carry what I need), and this bottle comes with a mesh bag that wraps around the bottle perfectly, with just enough room for all the things I bring... Oh and water ;)

Pretty Cool Bottle but not w/o flaws

I love the convenience of strapping the MODL to my back or a backpack and using the FLOW Mod. It has been awesome to stay even more hydrated when I ride. I find it unfortunate that no matter how many times or how thoroughly I clean the MODL with vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda, (Im on my third time) it still retains a plastic taste. This is especially while using the FLOW mod and on a warmer day.

Overall I really enjoy this bottle and hope MODL improves the issues of water leaking through the valve, bad taste and no insulation. I would recommend if you are looking for ultimate hydration portability with just a few trade offs.