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If you’re like us, you enjoy getting completely blitzed in public, but hate the social stigma that comes with sipping out of a brown paper bag. Well fear no more, as you can now kick back a cold one at the park without worrying about those pesky open container tickets! Keep your beverage cold and your criminal record clean with the Doodle Kooz!

This special edition koozie is a collaboration with the cool folks over at HANDLER (@lithandlers on Instagram) who are also onewheelers!  


  • Fits with White Claw, Truly, and RedBull! 
  • Hand sleeve
  • Secret Stash Pocket for TFL x Clipper Lighter (Included with purchase)

Customer Reviews

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K Barton
Good stuff

kept my bev nice and chill

Michelle M Vega
Amazing little Kooz! 🤙

Absolutely love this kooz because of the strap so you dont spill your drink while riding. Also the little pocket for a lighter is so helpful. I do wish there were various sizes so that I could fit larger drinks, but maybe down the road there will be more options! Definitely recommend if you drink a lot of red bull size cans 😎 The art on the kooz is so fun to stare at too. Love whoever the artist was who drew it, good job bro ✌️

Jeremiah Brewer
Protect Your Man Card!!

I don’t always drink girly, hard seltzer beverages. But when I do, I definitely don’t want anyone to know or see me doing it. Enters the TALL DOODLE CAN KOOZ. Now you can enjoy your wild berry açaí smash White Claw with out your “so-called” friends teasing you or revoking your man card. Am I drinking an energy drink, a tall skinny beer, or my favorite hard seltzer?? I’ll never tell, and you’ll never know. LOL! Great Can Kooz

Richard C
Girls Love Gifts

Girls love gifts, smoking and hanging out with their little can drinks. It's nice.

Reviewer avatar
Clint Cleavers
The best slim koozie $7 can buy

The art work on it is dope. It fits the can super snug (like put the can in it before opening, or you’ll spill your seltzer). It has a handle on it that fits a lighter, perfectly. Once your lighter is in the handle, the handle works even better. When it’s not holding a drink, my phone fits in it perfectly, so it’s multi use. Just buy one already, what were you going to do with 7 bucks, anyway??