DIY Mini Paper Airplane Kit (5-Pack)

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What do you do while your OW is charging? Why make mini paper airplanes of course! Each Float Flights kit comes with enough unbleached hemp paper to make 25 mini paper airplanes. Get lifted with Float Flights!

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Customer Reviews

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Topher Glass
They fly well

Slow and even flight. I recommend!!

Worth it for the packaging.

Novelty won the day. Thanks Float Life.

Ben Winter
They make horrble paper airplanes zero stars on that remark

The paper is too light, it doesnt hold a crease well and its not really big enough to fold a plane that will fly more than 3 inches!!! awful!! my friend asked to take one and he said they were an excellent prodct and very good at what theyre meant for, he obviously doesnt know hat he is talking about though. :P

Perfect Papers!

Thin unbleached papers for all of your paper craft needs! You can fold origami or make an herb filled cross to burn away the bad energy and make you float. Float on!

Nate Y

These paper airplane kits have added so much fun on our group rides! A lot of people forget their paper air plane materials and these are perfect to throw in the bag and know their there for a time of need! Thanks again Float Life for the forward thinking!!!