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Tired of having to make decisions for yourself multiple times every day? Well it's time to let the universe decide for you with Decider Dice! Tough decisions like, "do I grab the Pint or the XR today? Coke or Pepsi? Sativa or Indica?" are easily made by simply rolling your Decider Dice and going with the flow. Magic 8-ball move over, it's Decider Dice's time to shine 🔮

Every Decider Dice carry pouch is super high grade leather handcrafted by the wizard Kevin Gilbert aka @solofalcon_onewheel

For this NEW set of decider dice we went with a hard edge style of dice and circle F's for the numeric value on the sides!


Each Decider Dice kit comes with:

(3) custom TFL Decider Dice

(1) custom leather carry TFL carry case

Customer Reviews

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Gregory Noble
Such a cool thing

Great idea. Convenient to carry. Beautiful package. Much more interesting and fun than flipping a coin. Everyone I’ve shown them to want to see them work. Since there is a random factor they can work for dousing which is another way of deciding.

Shake dem dice 🎲 🎲 🎲

I’m a boardgames guy; I have dice…more than I need, but still not enough. I love games (to include Cee-Lo) and this setup scratched my itch!

Not only do the dice look great, but they roll great…and dat leather….ooooo smells soooo sweet!! I’ve even taught my kids how to play (we bet chips & candy).

Get a set while they last; never be caught again with out dem dice…you’ll have fun and hell; ya might make some coin 💰

Slick Icarus
On a roll !!

Keep deciding to buy TFL shirts and go onewheelin, wonder when they will land on the “fund your savings account” side 🤷🏼‍♂️
Get yourself some Enabler Di… I mean Decider Dice!

Kevin Swankie
Decider Dice.

Easy a set and say goodbye to making decisions. 😜
Well crafted leather work and a nice set of The Float Life dice.

Solid Little Gift

I gotta have these, I hate making decisions on my own. Good quality, easy to keep on you, it's great.