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Rep your favorite OW crew with some low-key button bling! The TFL button Plug snaps right in-place over your power button to keep out dust, sand, and anything else that can sneak in there and stick your button. Oh and did we mention it glows all rad when your board is on?! Pick one up, stick it in there, and float around in public. It's so discrete, most people won't even know you've got a button plug in there 😘 *XR ONLY*

Customer Reviews

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Richard C
Nice touch

Very nice clean look, your going to want to pick this up. If its in stock.

So discreet and satisfying

I love my plug. Install was just simply jamming it in there and it holds great! Most people dont notice it until I mention it or the board is on its side a d its sticking up in the air...But I know its doing its job perfectly and looking good too!

The Plug

Was hesitant at first but a friend told me I would love it. Didn't think it was goin to fit at first but I just took a deep breath and pushed it in and wham fit like a glove. Glides very smoothly and the way it lights up is just what my little hole needed.

Steven Mullins
Tfl button plug

Been looking for a good power buttom cover for a while finally one that fits perfect and looks good