Motor Cable Retention Clip + AirTag Holder (GT WTF Compatible)

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This helps to keep your GT motor cable secured and also doubles as an AirTag holder. ONLY COMPATIBLE ON GT WTF RAILS

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Wallace
retention clip

This s a great way to insure that your motor cable stays where ya want it.

I’m dumb

I didn’t think “compatible” meant “only” so I bought this thinking it would work on the stock GT rails. Since then, the description’s been updated to clarify that, but I’m still the dummy that didn’t watch the video.

5 stars for the homies that this’ll work for tho!

Lulu Lemondrop
Simple accessory that's worth having!

Easy to install, serves multiple purposes, something that honestly should just come as a standard part on stock boards. Great example of TFL coming in clutch to address yet another shortcoming from Future Motion.

Gage campbell
The quality

Not only did I receive my order, the float crew has struck again .They always send the best little knickknack’s , but sent a poker chip .This is only of the highest quality. Keep up the amazing work!

Derik Hranac
Peace of mind

It's nice to know that I won't have the problem of my motor cable coming out while riding. Bonus AirTag Holder is awesome too.