Varials (Single Steez) Rail System

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US patent no. 11,325,021

Varials (Single Steez) Rail System Includes:

-(4) Quarter Panels

-(1) Set of Center Steez

-All necessary hardware for installation

Center Steez Description:

Standard - Stock. This is the standard length, straight rail shape that comes default on all Onewheels™. You like it stock? This one is for you! 

Lift/Lower - Want just a touch more stability for that late night group ride? Or maybe a hair more clearance for that chunky trail section? Well the Lift/Lower is for you! With a mellow 1/4" lift or drop, you can fine-tune that board for the terrain. Simply flip the Lift/Lower Center Steez upside down for that fast changeover. 

WTF - The WTF center steez is built to replicate the WTF Homebrew Rails. You know it, you love it, we got it for you! These are your favorite riders, favorite rails.

FAF - We built the FAF specifically for racing. A mellow dropped pitch in the front allows for a ever so slight nose down version of Mission which takes the edge off pushback at high speeds. The dropped heavy tail kick gains massive tail clearance without sacrificing stability so you can feel confident charging down those steep chunky trails.


Varials are the next step in the evolution of Onewheels™. This sport is quickly becoming specialized with so many different styles of riding. From trails rippers, to curb stunters, the only thing holding us back is our own creativity. Just like every other boardsport, you want a different board with different attributes for different conditions. The problem we have is every Onewheel™ costs thousands of dollars and that's BEFORE you start modifying it! This was the inspiration for the Varials Rail System. Now instead of having to spend $300-$750 on a single new set of rails, in addition to dedicating an entire board to the build, with the Varials Rail System, all you have to do is hot swap the Center Steez (the rail pieces at the hub) and you have a completely different board! Oh, did I mention you can hot swap the Center Steez in about 2 minutes while you're our in the field?! Yeah, it's LEGIT! Another great benefit is we now have an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to changing the Center Steez and modifying our boards rail profile. Want a "Growler" sized board with a mellow nose angle and a heavy tail kick? Sure, we'll build it! How about an extra long set of WTF so you can ride a monster tire? Why not?! If you can dream it, we can build it. WE WILL CONTINUOUSLY ADD MORE CENTER STEEZ DESIGNS IN THE FUTURE! Once you're equipped with the Varials Rail System, you can now have an entire quiver in one board.  

Float on, my friends :)


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
1/4in lower feels amazing

LOL lifts/drops the board by 1/4 inch. it's subtle but it takes that last little bit of instability out of the stock height. It makes tricks easier cuz the board won't tip over as easily. lowering the board also lets you ride at higher psi for the same stableness, which is great for extending range. These rails don't have cable clamps however, but I didn't find that to be an issue. Even with lifesavers, my cables aren't rubbing anything. Also dealing with cable clamps are the most infuriating part of taking apart a OW imo.

Anders Romanowski
Love em!

These things are so buttery. My feet are so locked in now I feel like I'm on my snowboard. Can't wait to add more center steez to my quiver.

Have not installed them yet

Too many great group rides and no time to tear down my board. Want to instal my straight Varials, life savers, new bangs and I forget what else. Probably bearings?


Are these compatible with gt

Mike Singley

Great finish work, fit is nice, but there seems to be a little mismatch on a few edges on one of my boards that has a kush pad. not bad but a little. The ride is great.. thank you...