V1.5 Half & Half Axle Blocks (Lower Kit) GT COMPATIBLE

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This is Version 1.5 where the axle notch cutout has been fixed. Keep in mind a small percentage of the GT motor cables are extra short and create too much tension. If you have one of these, feel free to return your kit. 

The rent is too damn high! And the GT is a touch tippy. So we lowered it by half an inch to get that smooth stability back. 
Stepping on a lowered GT feels a lot more like an XR. Like a fast XR. Lowering improves stability because the board is less top heavy and your Center of gravity is lower.
The clearance is reduced so if you live in SF, ride around in pushback, or scrape your bumpers a lot on a stock GT this may not be for you. 
But for those who do not mind the reduced clearance, this mod gets you stability at a fraction of the cost of W-shaped rails.
These axle blocks replace the GT stock axle blocks and are not compatible with mag handle.
The GT lower kit comes with replacement bolts, and we are currently using readily available bolts. Future versions may have custom bolts that better fit the GT rails. The current bolts may get scraped up if your board falls on its side, and you need to be mindful to keep them centered during install.

Customer Reviews

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1.5x more fun! GT No Brainer!

Cleanly designed product from the float wizards and dorks at TFL. The notch helped me line things up. Fit and finish is stellar. QR code to install vids. Very straight forward instructions and mellow install in both time and difficulty. I’m thankful I installed the lower kit, endouro tire and float savers all at once. My board is stable and quick and a nice change up coming from an XR with WTF. The lower center of gravity is the truth. Turns and carves just go with the flow. Try them and feel the flowww!

Must Have

Makes the board feel like my XR. Must have mod if you own a GT. Not hard to install Just take your time.

Peter Chang
Did not receive it!

I did not receive it yet. Is there a tracking number I can check?

Leon Enriquez
GT is my new favorite board

Five months owning the Onewheel GT and it’s finally a board I have LOADS OF FUN with, thanks not only to this Half & Half kit but also to the Enduro tire. This combo makes the board very stable and very carvy simultaneously(!!!) as it lower the center of gravity and softens the contact with the ground. For now it’s probably the closest you can get to a GT Growler. I was only using Flow in the street, but it now feels too loose. Luckily Apex and Highline modes do not feel stiff anymore, actually, they feel unlocked with the real power of the GT. I’ve taken it to the street, the trails and the park, for tricks, and everything is very much improved. Thank you Jeff and Jake for putting out these products so fast.

David Montgomery
Not perfect, but pretty damn good.

These things affect the ride quality on the GT way more than I thought they would. If you’re like me and find the GT way too tippy and top-heavy, this is the mod to get. Pretty simple to install, had to shorten the inner bolts up a bit on mine. I just wish it had the option to keep the mag-handle.