OG Float Sidekicks - Rail Protection

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The OG Float Sidekicks - Rail Protection

Want to keep your Onewheel looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor? Well, slap some Float Sidekicks on the rails and you’re good to go! Sidekicks are the go-to premium Onewheel accessory that gives you the freedom to roll, scrape and thrash your board without your rails ever feeling the pain. The Float Life offers a variety of colors and finish options, so you can get your board protected and looking incredible!

Protect your rails:☑️

Protect your investment: ☑️

Choose your favourite flavour for your board: ☑️

Do the first ever Onewheel primo grind: Good luck, and definitely film it because we want to see that!

Float on, my friends! 🙂

Additional Info: Pint version is compatible with all versions of the Onewheel Pint. V1/Plus/XR version compatible with all versions of Onewheel's except the Pint. 

What's the difference between Onewheel's Rail Guards vs Sidekicks?

Our sidekicks have tried and tested many different adhesives and have developed one that stays on your board with strength while being much easier to remove than other rail guards on the market. Onewheel and other brands have adhesive that's very difficult to remove when you are ready to switch them out. Sidekicks are also the original rail protection and come un-branded for a clean minimalist look. 

Want to Learn More About Onewheel Accessories?

Check out the Float Life's Onewheel Accessories guide here: https://thefloatlife.com

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Daniel B
Great Rail Gaurds

They look great on anything you put them on. I had them on my stock rails and I cut them up for Wtf Rails. Float life is the best Thanks

Andrew Golembewski

Great fit. Just what I wanted.


Work great, fit great, easy to change and they take a beating.

The Robin to your boards Batman

If you own any Onewheel the first thing you need are some side kicks, they’ll be There to make sure the sides of your bat mobile don’t get dinged when a clown jumps out in front of you and you have to bail. Got mine in og black- wanted that stealth fighter look to my board but also have them in hd reflective black (it’s gold in picture and when car lights shine on it). Best part when you are ready for a new pair they come right off and you don’t get acrylic all up in your fingers then have to unceremoniously painstakingly peel off the residual residue off the sides . Only place I’ll ever get my sidekick is from TFL. Plus you can use the round punches to cover your middle hole if you want - nondirts gonna get in their .

Brian Smith

These are great railguards. I have the black reflective ones. Easy to put on!