Bearing Protection for Onewheel™

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Classic BadgerWheel Bearing Protection, do you like to ride on the beach? these will keep your bearings spinning smooth! 

GT/XR/Pint Bearing Protection Install instructions

Customer Reviews

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David Charles
Bearing guards

Great product and as always great support, these guys are great. Absolutely love the Holiday deals!

Daniel Miller
Worth the swag

Easy application and better than expected! Cool packaging and extras!

Luke G
Bearing protection

Keeping them clean bro, wouldn’t ride without them. A small investment to prolong the life of your bearings especially while riding of road.

Installation was super easy.

Why don't Onewheels come with bearing protectors??
Rode on a damp and messy trail in the woods. Took a detour to a little shore at a bay and didn't realized I had totally covered my Onewheel with sand. Thankfully, I had installed the bearing protectors a couple days prior and prevented all of that sand from basically draining into my bearings.

Speaking of which, the bearing protectors themselves were very easy and simple to install on my Pint X, even without removing the maghandle (which would've totally helped). Grease was tough to squeeze out at first and albeit kinda messy when installing to the side with the maghandle, but a simple wipe from a paper towel cleaned it all up. Per the installation video, I made sure to apply plenty of grease. Despite that, I was leftover with A LOT of grease. Not sure what to do with it 🤔 Anyway, this product worked just as intended. I also received this product with many little gifts and a small handwritten note from Brandon 😎🤙I will DEFINITELY be buying more of and recommending The Float Life's products!

Chris Vasilik

A must have to protect your bearings from dirt and more