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The first and only wrist guards made for Onewheel™ riding! The Senders offer a super sturdy single splint under the wrist and palm. The heavy duty plastic under wrist provides a strong and solid layer of impact absorption and flex upon impact. With full finger coverage for added protection to your fingers.

Customer Reviews

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chase kasperowski
Great product bad QC

TFL provides great products and stands behind them. Unfortunately, these gloves arrived with a seam at the tip of the thumb not completed. Therefore, there is a hole at the end of the thumb where the pieces come together. However, TFL stood behind it like everything else they sell! Not their fault

Form and Function

They fit well and comfortably. Doesn't restrict movement while providing protection. I dig 'em!

David Gurule
Money maker saver

These gloves are legit. Have saved my wrists from getting more f-up from riding. Love riding but can’t have it affect working. Now I can do both with no problems. Thanks float life

Comfortable but not as sturdy

I lobe the fit of the glove and the wrist wrap is convenient for taking your glove off quickly. However, I already have a hole in the thumb tip from a single fall. The screen touch capabilities are very limited compared to other riding gloves. I like them though and these are small inconveniences.

Low touch screen response

Pretty comfy gloves. They are as bulky as they look. The leather finger tips don’t really help with touch screens. I have to remove my glove entirely to interact with my phone.
After about 10 minutes of riding, I think the gloves warm up so 1 out of four or five taps on the screen it’ll react. Still annoying to deal with. I’m sure they will protect me well and last long, but huge miss on the phone touch screen.