XtraRad TFL x Burris Pint Tire

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The XtraRad is what the Pint™ tire was supposed to be.


We partnered with Burris to create the hands down smoothest riding, stable, and zippy tire in the game! Our goal was to build a tire that made the Pint™ ride like a super carvey and nimble XR™ where you could carve deep into turns and grip asphalt without worrying about speed wobbles; while still maintaining that ultra nimble style the Pint™ is known for!

This is how a Pint™ was meant to handle.

P.S. You can also run this tire on any model Onewheel™ if you want, but it was designed for the Pint.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Austin Silva

This tire rides like a dream, don’t sleep on the next drop 👀

Logan Mumma
Best tire for growler

Make sure to buy one of these when in stock, it’s the best tire your gonna be able to get if you like carvy and a smooth ride. 2nd tire 🤘

D Stinson
Pint tire upgrade

Was looking to change up my ride after a year on the original. Burris XtraRad TFL was a great investment. Improved stability when stationary, more traction off road particularly in loose sand, and still awesomely swervy when I want to carve. It is just a better all round wheel for the Pint. No regrets!

joshua powell
New tires

The new tire worked for my XR but did not fit my onewheel +. Double check sizes before ordering

Chris Bradel
Hurts to install but totally worth it

If you’re like me and don’t have a whole shop setup and the proper tire working tools, it’s admittedly a nightmare... BUT! after a long and painful afternoon we got this guy installed all by ourselves and people aren’t kidding, it rides like a dream. The flatter profile and harder corner provides for buttery smooth road rides and sharp carving profiles. Love it.