XtraRad TFL x Burris Pint Tire

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The XtraRad is what the Pint™ tire was supposed to be.

We partnered with Burris to create the hands down smoothest riding, stable, and zippy tire in the game! Our goal was to build a tire that made the Pint™ ride like a super carvey and nimble XR™ where you could carve deep into turns and grip asphalt without worrying about speed wobbles; while still maintaining that ultra nimble style the Pint™ is known for!

This is how a Pint™ was meant to handle.

P.S. You can also run this tire on any model Onewheel™ if you want, but it was designed for the Pint.


Customer Reviews

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After 900 miles on the stock tire I...

So after getting over 900 miles on my stock tire ( which isn’t a bad tire btw) and after taking it off I could see it had a lot of miles still left on it.
I decided to go with the XtraRad Burris slick and if this tire is in stock or you are debating if you should buy this or not. Just like I tell people who are undecided about buying a onewheel in general ... Buy it because this tire is greatly superior to the stock tire. You will enjoy your board a lot more and it works perfectly fine on grass and dirt/trails of course anytime you decide to ride on those types of terrain your going to lose range.
No, this tire does not create more range if you want more range than pump up your psi to 30 or above than you will get that extra couple miles of range
If you want that nice turning and carving sort of flow than do the 10% of your weight psi which is usually 18-22 psi
The XtraRad is also more stable when your just idling in one spot like at a traffic light waiting to cross or having to stop real quick because of some object or car.
All in all if you want a tire that takes away speed wobbles, is more stable when idling, softer and smoother when going over bumps than you won’t be disappointed.
The only thing I wish I would of done sooner is put it on my board sooner 😂

Like an XR.

I own both the XR and a pint. I found the pint too unstable at speed when carving or just cruising. The XR is a dream to ride and confidence is so high.
I figured I’d give this tire a go as my pint was sitting unused, let me just say wow! This tire changed the pint so much. I thought I was on my XR! It’s so stable and carving at speed I no longer have any wobbles. The confidence this tire brings to the pint is worth every penny and as someone else said in a review this is how the pint should come stock.


This should be the stock tire!

burris tire

this thing is definatley worth it!! super sticky and pint is more stable

Stability on a pint

I'm not going to say this tire gives the pint, the stability of an xr but...... this tire has completely changed my riding experience. It appears to have more contact surface and is still buttery smooth with a small amount of forward or backward lean. The tire appears to give me a few extra mph and doesn't effect range. Would recommend for anyone looking for stability on a pint.