Kush Lo Footpad For Onewheel GT/GT-S

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The Kush Lo features:

Poured from an 80a durometer urethane (like a soft skateboard wheel), it’s forgiving under-foot and has just enough give to make foot fatigue a thing of the past without sacrificing responsiveness! Goodbye wood, hello urethane! We tested multiple different durometers with a wide range of rider weights, shoe sizes, and riding styles to find the ideal amount of “kush”. Yeah, it’s basically like having Shred Soles Snowboarding and Skateboarding Insoles for your OW.

We took Carvepower’s original 3D print footpad design and hit it with a fresh overhaul to meet the demanding requirements of the Float Life team. It features a nice mellow concave that isn’t too aggressive so you can lock your foot for heavy trails and still have a nice sole hugging platform for those long 20+ mile expeditions and late night curb sessions! We also dipped a sweet little lock-in pocket in the rear kick tail for those of you ride rear foot completely back. The kick tail is completely uniform in height to the stock front Surestance foot pad to bring a more uniform aesthetic to your OW. As a final touch, the edges are rounded over at a fat bevel so you don’t have that “sharp” feeling you can get with a certain other foot pad which will remain nameless. (oh snap, shots fired!)

Works with FlightFin's FlightFender... so fly high.

This is by far, the most durable foot pad ever made. The urethane will never chip, crack, break, or snap. GUARANTEED. The underside bumper nut inserts were poured directly into the mold so they will never spin out on you. We also added an extra screw attachment point to the top of the foot pad to reduce thread stripping due to shear stress on rear-end crashes. So yeah, if you can somehow manage to break a Kush Lo Concave, I will personally send you a brand new one (and a beer) for free.

Every Kush Lo comes with a special cut TFL Grip pre-applied. We also include an extra sheet of regular cut TFL Grip so you can slap it on your front pad for that uniform steez.

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Customer Reviews

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I don’t like the Kush Lo at all. Because it is so thin and soft and doesn’t use all of the screw holes it tends to bend up and get dirt taped between the pads and the board.

Kush Wide however is entirely different, absolutely love the wide & use it!, due to the thickness and extra attachment points for all screws outs doesn’t have the issue of trapping dirt and it’s soo comfortable


It’s perfect! especially if you don’t have a size 12 or 13 size foot and are looking for something a bit lighter and more low profile. It has a really good feel to it. I also love the Kush wide, but sometimes it feels a bit much. Kush Lo feels much lighter And given the GT already being so tail-heavy, Kush Low is a great compromise! I am curious.. seeing how it does have the Capability for the “Kush Glow” if they’ll be selling glow kits for it. I would think so🤞
Overall, I would recommend this product!

Reviewer avatar
Bought 2 - Front & Rear!

What no one is telling y’all is that these footpads are discretely prepped to use on both the back and the front, if you are willing to do some minor cutting to your brand new Lo and disassembling your OEM.

I was willing, and they are sick.

I love the Lo’ness, with just a wee lil angle at the end. They are ever-so-slightly spooned in, without that sharp concave feel. These are COMFY, without being spongy.

What else I didn’t know, and didn’t see mentioned anywhere, and should’ve caught in photos, is that these omit the 2 extra bolt holes found under the bumpers; they just aren’t there. It’s not a problem necessarily (and I’ve heard Jeff say on YT that he doesn’t use those) but I noticed after my first ride that it causes them to lift slightly when pressure is applied, resulting in a higher amount of ingress of dirt & ride funk getting under the pads than I’ve ever had before. It probably won’t break anything, especially with a Badger kit, but it’s more to clean later.

Kushy as hell!

Whoa this is noticeably better than the concave on the GT. Float Life does it again I’m in love with the comfort of this footpad on longer rides now.

Isidro Gonzalez
Extremely light, and far more comfortable

Definitely like the new Kush Los, they are extremely light compared to FM lowboys. Have yet to ride it, but already pretty happy with the purchase 🤙🏻