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Rep your favorite OW crew with some low-key button bling! The TFL button Plug snaps right in-place over your power button to keep out dust, sand, and anything else that can sneak in there and stick your button. Pick one up, stick it in there, and float around in public. It's so discrete, most people won't even know you've got a button plug in there 😘 

Customer Reviews

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Extra protection and easier to press

I dig it! The outer ring flushes up with the opening really well. I’d rather not figure out how water resistant the new button is so this feels like it will help keep more water away. It also looks pretty slick and fits perfectly. I like how it brings the button easier to press but it’s still recessed enough to prevent any accidental pressing.

Jack Trubee
Excellent Plug

Fits snug, I didn't peel the adhesive backing off and just stuck it in there. Doesn't even seem to need it. Not messing with it as it is tight. Thanks for the extra goodies Jeff, Bodhi, and gang! Bud Lights taste crispier in the koozie.

Rui Viana
The best

The best !!

Rafic Bitar
Float plates

Got my float plates and the front one was under bent.
The guys from TFL was fast in responding and help solve
The issue.
It must be said that the plates that I got might have been under bent but it's very rare and if that's the case you can rest assure that you are covered.

Cheers TFL

Butt Plug

Yo putting this butt plug in my button increased my mileage by 69% and gave my fs nose slides perfect balance for never ending curb slides. Also it allowed me to increase my drops by 4 feet. Great product 10 stars guys. TFL I love you guys ❤️🤙🏼