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Is your life falling apart because you were riding your Onewheel in the house then slipped and shot your board through the wall which caused a big fight with your wife that escalated to a whole other level then and after like 3 hours of yelling she revealed that shes been secretly sleeping with your younger hotter brother Todd (who has a 6-pack because he does Crossfit) for years because ever since you got your Onewheel and haven't been giving her the attention she deserves since you're always out of the house riding your Onewheel? Well the TFL Balance Board is here to save your marriage! You can now still get your shred fix and max that balance ability to 11 while staying at home! Thanks TFL!

...and screw you Todd.



B.A.N.G. Bumpers - $99 - $109

Homebrew Rails - Growler: $299

(2) Kush Hi Red - $105

Balance Board Hardware Kit - $69

Circle-F Wobble Cushion & Pump - $19

Total Parts Value: Nearly $700 bucks!


Footpad color is as shown in the board's corresponding photo :)

Customer Reviews

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TFL Balance Board

Love it. Perfect for days when you can’t get out and ride

Ricki Ali
Float on

The balance board has taken my boarding to another level!

Jay G.
TFL FTW!! Sickest balance board I have ever had, makes shoulder surgery a game changer..

I have been in board sports for many decades and spent time on many balance boards. This one is the game changer... I had rotator cuff surgery and can't float as much as I'd like so I'm on this in front of the TV every night. I wanted to build a Growler at some point so this was a natural progression as I was already dealing with an injury healing. I'll get this outside or converted once I am back in action, but until then - air up the round pad and keep the dog from stealing it and float on inside...

Matan Vardi

Gotta love this thing! Also you can swap out the parts to swoop a good deal on all the goodies! Also I popped my ball and Jeff sent me a new one the day after!

lil Wheelie 406
BANG bumpers

Finally managed to get in on the pre order and ordered 2 sets. These things are amazing. I bought Butter bumpers from FF and wasn’t very happy, front bumper had no material on the bottom for curb nudges and were $50 more. The fit and quality is f the BANGs are great.