GT/GT-S Homebrew Rails - WTF (Standard)

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(US patent no. 11,325,021)


The Homebrew WTF Rails were specifically designed from the ground up to absolutely crush trails. They set your weight at a lower center of gravity for an insane increase in stability without any loss in clearance! The upward angle under the footpads decreases the angle of approach while increasing foot grip for a safer and more secure ride. Dig deep into those turns, cut speed wobble, and stomp those big landing clean with the new Homebrew WTF Rails.


We set out to make the most heavy duty, beautiful rails possible and the result are the Homebrew rails! Here are the key features:

- Aircraft grade aluminum aka pretty much the most badass aluminum available! We engineered fr the perfect blend of strength, weight, and heat dissipation properties.

- 2-stage finish pass leaves a unique surface finish that really pops!

- Deep CNC roll tapped threads

- 1/4-20 accessory attachment threads at hub for limitless customization!

- Optional add-on AirTag holder that doubles as a motor cable retention clip.

Keep in mind a small percentage of the GT motor cables are extra short and create too much tension. If you have one of these, feel free to hit us up directly via the contact form on the website. 

(Rainbow variety can vary due to coloring process.) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Jason James
Absolutely confidence inspiring!

The lower center of gravity makes all the difference in the world! The only issue I’m having is the nose riding a bit lower. I’m on an updated GT, so I’ve tried to adjust in custom shaping. Any advice from you guys would be way appreciated!


When my board is finished, these will be the center piece and damn I can’t wait!

Timothy Mahan
Burnt Orange is Badass

I love the color of my new WTF rails! I also love dealing with a company like The Float Life. Their website is my first choice for anything Onewheel related! Float on dudes!

Colin Salmon
Second set!

So nice I had to buy them twice!

Dylan Falkengren
Huge improvement to the ride

These rails are awesome I got them in "fun"metal. Install is fairly easy if your used to working on things. A couple things you should know up front that's not in the description is.. your fenders won't fit anymore with out taking a hacksaw to them (I suggest getting the drop top fenders if you don't already have them they fit perfect). Another thing is you need a t(p?)45+ torx bit so I'd buy a tool kit from them if you don't have one.

Another side note if you plan on getting a kush pad get everything all together the kush pad fits way better onto the wtf rails.

Overall the ride is worth it! I recommend them 100%

Thanks for all the random extras I need to work on my mini paper airplane making skills