TFL x 1Protect Fingerless Palm Savers

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1Protect and The Float Life have a rad new collab for you to enjoy! These OW specific fingerless gloves are made to keep your knuckles happy and your palms protected. With two palm puck choices you have the option for slide protection or impact protection so you can dial in your set up for each specific ride! 

 If you're in between sizes, size down :)


⚡️Lightweight hand protection for Floating!

⚡️Ability to use your phone with gloves on

⚡️Ability to use your hands while staying protected

⚡️Doubled up fabric on thumb for extra protection

⚡️Comfortable mesh uppers

⚡️Armor for the knuckle draggers

⚡️Pull tabs on each finger for easy removal in all conditions

⚡️1 set of removable hard TPU palm pucks

⚡️1 set of removable soft palm pucks

⚡️Made specifically to protect Onewheel® riders

1Protect Glove Size Chart

DISCLAIMER: No glove can protect you from all types of crashes. 1Protect has tested our gloves in a variety of conditions and we strive to make the best possible glove for riders looking to reduce their chance of injury. 1Protect makes no guarantees of protecting you in the event of an accident. These gloves are not wrist guards or safety devices. They do not guarantee to protect the rider in any specific way. Skateboarding, Onewheeling, and all sports of any kind are dangerous. We highly recommend you always wear a helmet and take personal responsibility for your safety on each and every ride. 


ps. Brandon should definitely be a hand model with these nice hands of his, am I right or am I right? 😜

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Fabulous fingerless floating

My favorite day to day gloves shipped fast and at a great price. Gotta love that.

Kenneth Puent
Save yourself!

If you know anything about riding on concrete or asphalt you know road rash is real!! Get a set of these and you’ll be very happy you did. The part I like is that you can have padded or hard plastic where your palms are so start with plastic once you get better on the Onewheel switch over to the pads. Very good purchase.

Sean F
TFL x 1Protect Fingerless Palm Savers

Sooo.... I have had these gloves for 2 weeks now. I do like the gloves but I did experience a failure with these. Within the 1st 2 days of using these gloves the Velcro pad that attached to the plastic palm puck completely ripped off the puck from just trying to remove it from the glove. I pulled the puck off (not violently or anything) and the Velcro stayed stuck the glove as the puck came off. It only happened on 1 side. I've been using the fabric impact pads since and don't have any complaints with those but the Velcro failure was a bit of a drag. I have yet to fall with these on so i cant attest to their durability or injury prevention yet.

Reilly Crews
They work

I ordered a large and they were too small so I told Brandon and he was great about it, he sent XL with no charge.
They really do work great and are really comfortable. They have saved me from some bad scrapes.

The real Joe Skier
Tried and Verified

These things are a low-profile way to save your hands from the sudden unexpected stops and drops during a float. Tried and verified with 500+ miles so far.