*BLEM* XtraRad TFL x Burris Pint Tire

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The XtraRad is what the Pint™ tire was supposed to be.

We partnered with Burris to create the hands down smoothest riding, stable, and zippy tire in the game! Our goal was to build a tire that made the Pint™ ride like a super carvey and nimble XR™ where you could carve deep into turns and grip asphalt without worrying about speed wobbles; while still maintaining that ultra nimble style the Pint™ is known for!

This is how a Pint™ was meant to handle.

P.S. You can also run this tire on any model Onewheel™ if you want, but it was designed for the Pint.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Worn after 6 month

Daily use to walk the dog at the park and neighborhood street. Tire worn less than 6 month of use. Original tire lasted longer.

Kayla Prestenback
Absolutely best addition to my board

Absolutely best addition to my board!! Love love love the feel of this tire. It’s made me more confident on both roads and off roads. Super quiet and smooth. Overall I couldn’t be happier with this tire and I plan to keep buying more as I run them out.

Smooth, stable and confidence-inspiring!

The XtraRad TFL/Burris collab tire for the Pint is an amazing upgrade for the Pint. It adds a TON of stability while still retaining carvability. It gives up a tiny bit of maneuverability with its more square profile but makes the Pint less squirrely at both low and higher speeds. The only downside to this tire is that you'll want your Pint to go faster now that its speed is so much more usable! Great upgrade that makes the Pint more versatile and smoother to ride. (As for the "blem" part, I can't see what the difference is, personally.)

Erik Pagtakhan
BLEMISH tire is Gravy! Well worth it


Christopher Pereira
Blender XtraRad - Like new, but cheaper

Picked up a blender xtrarad and can’t figure out what is wrong with it. Installed and runs just like the full priced version. 🤙🏽