*BLEM* Nug Hi Footpad for Onewheel Pint

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Here’s a little bit of info on the Kush Nug Hi

Poured from an 80a durometer urethane (like a soft skateboard wheel), it’s forgiving under-foot and has just enough softness to make sore feet a thing of the past without sacrificing responsiveness! Too soft and you’ll lose performance, too firm and your feet will hate you, but the Kush Nug is the Goldilocks of footpads. The greatest benefit of the softer material is the reduced chatter and vibration which leads to reduced foot fatigue! We tested multiple different durometers with a wide range of rider weights, shoe sizes, and riding styles to find the ideal amount of “kush”.

We took the original Kush and hit it with a shrink ray to make it perfect for the Pint. We were able to redesign the edge blend to add a full half inch to the overall width and kick which makes a HUGE difference when it comes to control and stability! We also dipped a sweet little lock-in pocket into the rear kick tail for those of you ride rear foot completely back. As a final touch, the edges are rounded over at a fat bevel so the edges are extremely comfortable regardless of your shoe size.

Works with FlightFin's FlightFender... so fly high

This is by far, the most durable OW foot pad ever made. The urethane will never chip, crack, break, or snap. GUARANTEED. The underside bumper nut inserts were poured directly into the mold so they will never spin out on you. We also added an extra screw attachment point to the top of the footpad to reduce thread stripping due to shear stress on rear-end crashes. So yeah, if you can somehow manage to break a Kush Nug, I will personally send you a brand new one (and a beer) for free.

Every Kush Nug comes with a special cut TFL Grip pre-applied. We also include an extra sheet of regular cut TFL Grip so you can slap it on your front pad for that uniform steez.

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Customer Reviews

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Floatin’ after 50
Kush Hi Blem

Man, y’all could have fooled me. This Kush Nug High was on point. I know what y’all saw but I was like damn!!!!! This tiny blem is undetectable. Love it! And will tell everyone to hit y’all up. But I’m not telling them my secret 🤐 🤣🤣🤣

Jeff Gross
Pssshh what Blem?!

I found no imperfections. My favorite footpad by far!

Darrell King
Doesn’t look “blem” to me 👍

This thing is great. No foot pain, I feel like I have some more real estate for my feet. Bought a blemished nug hi, and I couldn’t tell you where it’s blemished. And the best part is I spent less money. That’s a win win to me.

Excellent Product

The *BLEM* Nug Hi is an excellent cost effective option for those suffering from foot fatigue. I'd recommend it to every Pint rider. Great product! 👌

Robert Gardner
Game Changer

Just received the Kush Nug Hi. Complete game changer. Had also ordered the low but will probably be sending back. I ordered the *blemish* and could not see a single thing wrong with it or the packaging. Much more stable ride. Absorbs a little vibration but the main difference is the secure feel, which I will also lean toward the more aggressive grip tape. One big thing I did discover changing the front grip tape was; when I installed may carbonsmith skid plate I screwed the screws too far which lifted the front sensor clear plastic breaking the seal. Used a small amount of epoxy to seal back. Just a future warning when installing a float plate or skid plate. Could have easily gotten moisture in, ruining my front sensor pad. Side note, I will most likely use the wrong word, but riding reverse or switch was much easier. I had a problem with my hips wanting to be to forward, or back, when go reverse. The angle of the Kush Hi almost eliminated this.