Badger Standard Rails (XR)

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The strongest aluminum rails on the market for extreme performance

Stainless steel inserts for all threads.

7075-T6 aerospace grade aluminum.

Simulation-optimized center geometry adds material where it’s needed and removes it where it isn’t (like the center hole), giving improved bending resistance while saving weight (slightly lighter than stock rails).

Access the inner hub bolts through the center hole with included 5mm ball end wrench.

Optional Badger Bite Hub bolt locking system.

Compatible with all handles.

Customer Reviews

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Isaac Schieble

Has come to the point of needing to fix stock rails for my XR since about all screw holes have become stripped and the hot glue isn't holding up anymore. To find Badger and TheFloatLife partner up and offer the Badger rails for a literal steal, I could not possibly pass up. These rails are out of this world in quality and feel. Excited to ride later as the installation was smooth with the stainless steel thread inserts not allowing the worry of, will these rattle loose. Also, stock XR rail guards perfectly fit if that is of question.