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Waterproof inside and out with a level 3 waterproof rating, this jacket will handle anything you can throw at it!

I’m 6′ 165lbs and wear a Medium in this jacket.

Float on, my friends 🙂

Customer Reviews

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David Vanderwarn
Great windbreaker for colder riding

Perfect jacket for cutting down on the windchill factor. Big deal in MN.

Great windbreaker

Stylish, but also very simple. It’s exactly what you’d want from a windbreaker, it breaks the wind and repels water well. Haven’t had the pleasure to wear this riding my onewheel yet but I’ve worn her on the slopes in 30 degree weather and it performed great!

Pretty much a tarp with reflective words on it

I've bought a decent amount of clothing from the float life and this is the first time saying that this windbreaker is a miss. There really isn't any "body" to this "jacket" it feels like you're wearing a tarp that's supposed to be covering some old antiques or your grandfathers motorcycle that you'll one day fix but won't. It needs some kind of thicker layer inside. Almost like a hoodie type inside layer with the outside layer. As it is now It feels unfinished. Other than that major con the reflective float life on the back is awesome.

amanda bauer

Ultra Reflective Windbreaker

Michael Ivey
Favorite Jacket

By far my favorite jacket! All weather jacket! Reflector F makes me easily seen! Super comfortable! Super rad! Crazy good customer service! Thank you! Michael Ivey