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The Street Pro tire is back and better than ever! We based the design off of the beloved and v-rare Burris Street Pro for the XR, but dialed it in specifically for the GT. The Street Pro 2 is lighter, torquier, and and is an estimated 69.420% smoother riding than the stock slick 🤘 Level up your street riding game with the Street Pro 2 aka the smoothest GT tire on the planet!

-A custom durometer creates a dampened ride which significantly reduces off-road chatter and road noise. The Street Pro 2 can be ridden a higher psi if you want to max out range and carvability without a significant hit to ride comfort like you get with a stock tire. Or lower that PSI down for a stable, cushy marshmallow feel. No longer will potholes be a game of Russian Roulette as the Street Pro 2 eats them significantly better than stock.

-Nearly 15% lighter than the stock slick and almost 30% lighter than the stock treaded means this tire is FAST! The increased torque can be felt immediately.

-Progressive sidewall durometer and shoulder shaping create a healthy edge contact patch while digging deep into carves for solid edge hold and greatly reduced speed wobbles without sacrificing nimbleness.

Compound Choice:
Soft compound will feel smoother, forgiving, and more buttery underfoot. However, due to it being a soft compound it will not last as long and tends to wear out quicker. 

Mid compound will increase the longevity of the tire, extending the period of time between tire changes. However, it will not be as forgiving underfoot and will have a more noticeable "edge" when carving.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Street pro 2: Definitely worth it!

Rode about 50 miles on my new street pro 2 and I'm liking it a lot. Much better from the stock slick tire and not too difficult to get on the hub. Nice and smooth on street and also very quiet!

La Roue
Street Pro 2 on the Trails?!?!?

Ok, so an actual serious review. I’ve got about 200 miles of technical and fast single track riding on the SP2(soft compound). Over 1000 trail miles on the Enduro. I trail ride at around 18-22 mph and I enjoy the SP2 for off road over the Enduro. The SP2 has more carvability and nimbleness to it vs. the Enduro which does track straighter and holds a tighter line. For this guy, higher speed=Enduro..average speed=SP2!

Wow. Phenomenal.

My GT stock slick was the worst onewheel ride I has ever experienced. Atrocious. I avoided it like the plague, riding my XRs first till their batteries died then taking the GT when it was the only thing left. Since swapping to the TFL street pro, the GT is first up every time, and riding my XRs feels like a noticeable downgrade. The street ride on this tire is unmatched. Like floating down an improbably perfect trail on a snowboard. Or carving the longest, cleanest, straight right hander wave you've ever ridden. An absolute joy to ride in every way, and the change that finally made the pre-set ride shaping options (flow, highline etc) feel accurate in their descriptions.

jonathan. L

As new rider I do find it to be squirrelly but with less then five miles on it I have great hope for it .floatlife makes excellent products and i love the new rider bag

Joel Cruz

Bought the mid compound for this SP2. As it has been mentioned by some of these reviews; very punchy, more torque, more stable (even compared to the Enduro), and definitely holds an edge. Of course this mid compound is harder than the soft compound but its far softer than the Future Motion stock slick. The way it rides and carves, it reminds me and feels like the Burris slick for the XR and Pint. As far as how it handles off road, it rides like any slick tire does on trails. Of course tires with tread has a better "bite" than slicks, but it handles a lot better than the FM stock slick.