TFL 555 Street Pro 2 Tire - MTE 5" Compatible

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"It's my favorite street tire I've ridden, hands down" -Nico Aleman

Based off the design of the 555 Enduro, but optimized for street, the 555 SP2 tire is the perfect little street ripper. It's quick, punchy, and nimble while somehow remaining stable at mid-high speed and holds an edge without getting wobbles like most 5.5" wide tires. If you rock a MTE and want the best street/trick tire, the 555 Street Pro 2 is the one for you! 

-A custom durometer creates a dampened ride which significantly reduces off-road chatter and road noise. The Street Pro 2 can be ridden a higher psi if you want to max out range and carvability without a significant hit to ride comfort like you get with a stock tire. Or lower that PSI down for a stable, cushy marshmallow feel. No longer will potholes be a game of Russian Roulette as the Street Pro 2 eats them significantly better than stock. 

-Progressive sidewall durometer and shoulder shaping create a healthy edge contact patch while digging deep into carves for solid edge hold and greatly reduced speed wobbles without sacrificing nimbleness.

Compound Choice:
Soft compound will feel smoother, forgiving, and more buttery underfoot. However, due to it being a soft compound it will not last as long and tends to wear out quicker. 

Mid compound will increase the longevity of the tire, extending the period of time between tire changes. However, it will not be as forgiving underfoot and will have a more noticeable "edge" when carving.

Customer Reviews

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Mars Void
Is your muffin buttered?

Killer feel on street. Not as squishy as I expected (perhaps firmer than the 555 Enduro at the same PSI), but that's not a bad thing--major pro is that the slick doesn't catch any dog poop.

Very comparable feel to the 6" Burris SS-11, minus the rim dings on fast approaches. New favorite full size tire.