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Deeper more aggressive angles on each side to maximize clearance without losing stability from stock rails! With a fully symmetric 10 degree total tilt (5 front, 5 rear) the Steep & Deep WTF Rails are 100% purpose built for chunky technical trails. 

DEEPER angles for STEEPER trails!

(US patent no. 11,325,021)


The WTF Rails were specifically designed from the ground up to absolutely crush trails. They set your weight at a lower center of gravity for an insane increase in stability without any loss in clearance! The upward angle under the footpads decreases the angle of approach while increasing foot grip for a safer and more secure ride. Dig deep into those turns, cut speed wobble, and stomp those big landing clean with the new WTF Rails.


We set out to make the most heavy duty, beautiful rails possible and the result are the Homebrew rails! Here are the key features:

- Aircraft grade aluminum aka pretty much the most badass aluminum available! We engineered fr the perfect blend of strength, weight, and heat dissipation properties.

- 2-stage finish pass leaves a unique surface finish that really pops!

- Deep CNC roll tapped threads

- 1/4-20 accessory attachment threads at hub for limitless customization!

- Optional add-on AirTag holder that doubles as a motor cable retention clip.

Keep in mind a small percentage of the GT motor cables are extra short and create too much tension. If you have one of these, feel free to hit us up directly via the contact form on the website. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Landon Newsom
Steep and deep

I’ve been waiting on a set of WTFs for a while and picked these up on sale. They are a big improvement over stock rails. It takes a couple of miles to get used to the angle on these, but once it clicks, you’ll love the increased stability and clearance. I’m waiting for the new wtf axle blocks to pair with this because my motor has a shorter cable. I recommend the motor cable retention clip to go along with these.

Lucas Maia
Amazing on trails with negligible loss in stability!

I gotta say, I really should’ve bought these rails the day I got my GT. These things are MONSTROUS on trails. Holy ****. Also I was expecting to feel a big difference in stability compared to the half and half lowering blocks… nope! It’s just a teensy more tipsy but that’s it. Overall 20/10.

Craig Copelin
GT Evolved!

For the first time since I purchased a Onewheel I actually feel the float! These rails are game changers and make the board perform like promised from FM. Stock rails are unstable and hurt my knees. I tried different foot pads different grip, flight fins and really wish I had just purchased these first. The board is now a joy to ride instead of an obligation that I paid so much money for I felt I had to ride it. I am sure I will be putting way more miles on my GT this coming year than the 300 I rode last year. If you are on the fence or looking to fix the GT’s stability. Look no further.

Nik Rowe
Great rails! Want an aftermarket motor!

The angle feels great! Could immediately tell the difference in the clearance on my home trails in Sly Park (Trail 8). Excited to put them to the full test when I get my motor issue resolved.

Matthew Ahrens
Insanely Fast!

At first I was disappointed with the WTF Steep & Deep Rails with lack of stability I'm familiar with on the XR WTF Rails. However, after a few days commuting to work on these Rails I learned to adjust my riding style with these Rails. Although they have a considerable loss of stability from the standard WTF Rails, they offer insane stability in another way by locking the rider in place. You definitely will increase your skills and won't fall off your GT when fully sending it! These Rails live up to their name. I felt I was riding really slow once I got onto my normal asphalt route due to the feeling of being higher center of gravity and instability, but when I glanced at my watch, I was riding at 25mph...